Dehydroepiandrosterone: DHEA


DHEA Benefits

  • DHEA is a hormone secreted primarily by the adrenal glands. It results in a shift of a catabolic state to an anabolic or protein building state.
  • It reduces cardiovascular risks by increasing lipolyses (decrease visceral fat).
  • It stimulates the immune system, restores sexual vitality, improves moods, decreases cholesterol and body fat.
  • It improves memory, increases energy, and has anti-cancer properties by enhancing the immune system.
  • DHEA reduces insulin requirement

Adrenal hormone anabolic vs. catabolic metabolism

   · Restores immunity

   · Prevents osteoporosis, increases bone density

   · Prevents cancer in lab animals

   · Prevents diabetes & heart disease

   · Decreases visceral fat

   · Improves mood & well-being

   · Improves energy & memory

   · Slows aging process in lab animals

   · Prevents lipid peroxidation = antioxidant

   · Endocrine precursor to T.P.E.

   · 7-keto DHEA is not a precursor to other HRT = avoid

   · Neurotransmitter (recently discovered)

   · Presently pending FDA approval for Lupus (Prasterone)

Clinically substantiated uses of DHEA include replacement for:

   · Low DHEA levels

   · Chronic disease

   · Adrenal exhaustion or corticosteroid therapy

   · SLE

   · Improving bone density

   · Improving depression & mood disorders

   · Enhancing immune response by activating T-cells

   · Improving well-being


   · Decreasing cardiovascular risk

   · Improving erectile dysfunction

   · Anyone over 40

   · DHEA has never been shown to reverse the aging process

   · Nevertheless DHEA is important for preventive medicine

   · DHEA inhibits synthesis of thromboxane A2, reduces plasminogen
     activator inhibitor, and tissue plasminogen activator – all decreasing
     platelet aggregation and ischemia.


Men<200lb: 50mg AM

Men>200lb: 75-100mg AM

Women <50yo: 10-15mg AM

Women >50yo: 25mg AM

DHEA Serum Levels

MEN: Range 100-600

· Optimal 500-600

WOMEN: Range 50-300

· Optimal 200-250


· Over age 40 for health protection

· Preventive medicine and well-being

· Symptoms of aging, mood & depression

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