hCG is prescribed in men to increase or restore testosterone production. Men suffering from androgen disorders take hCG to jump start their testosterone production. HCG can improve sperm production and adolescent sexual development. HCG works as a luteinizing hormone, signaling the testes to produce more testosterone. It is both available in powdered forms and an injections.

The benefits of HCG can include:

  • Correcting undescended testes.
  • Regulating testosterone production following steroid use.
  • Recovering from diseases or medical conditions that affect the body’s testosterone production.
  • As a part of hormone replacement therapy.
  • Weight loss, as increasing testosterone levels can help with exercise.
  • Repairing sexual dysfunction. Male sexuality is heavily linked to testosterone levels.

Symptoms of Low T:

  • Loss of Energy
  • Decrease in Muscle Mass
  • Decrease in Strength
  • Decrease in Focus
  • Decrease in Memory
  • Increase in Body Fat
  • Reduced Stamina
  • Decrease in Libido
  • Decrease in Sexual Function
  • Hair Loss
  • Mood Swings/Irritability
  • Depression/Anger

Symptoms of Low T:

  • Low Hemoglobin
  • Low Bone Density
  • High Cholesterol and Lipid Profiles
  • ED
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