Increase Your Collagen With Stem Cell Therapy

Did you know that stem cells from your own body can help to increase collagen in your joints, tendons, and skin? 

Collagen is the main type of protein that builds connective tissue in our bodies. It is present in the cartilage in our joints, in the tendons that connect our muscles and bones, and in our skin, enabling it to be supple and flexible.

Why do our joints hurt more as we age?

When we're young, our bodies are efficient at repairing and replacing the cartilage that cushions our elbows, knees, shoulders, and hips (and other joints). As we age, the replacement and repair process slows. 

With less efficient replacement, cartilage and tendons wear down. Our joints are also more vulnerable to injuries, which is why problems like tendonitis and specific joint problems such as "tennis elbow" are more common with age.

Why does skin wrinkle more with age?

Collagen in our skin provides the elasticity and strength that creates smooth, resilient skin. The same breakdown process that occurs in aging cartilage and tendons happens in our skin.

The more collagen breaks down, the greater tendency there is for our skin to form deep wrinkles. Sun damage and the pollution in our environment also cause collagen damage, leading to more wrinkles.

Can our body make more collagen?

With some help, our bodies can make more collagen. That is the reason stem cell therapy can help build up collagen in our joints.

Several studies have indicated that stem cells from bone marrow, body fat (adipose tissue), and blood can increase blood flow, build collagen, and speed healing. That is why Dr. Nabity and Tina Pawlich, RN at Active Future Solutions offer stem cell therapy.

Which types of joint and mobility problems can benefit from stem cell therapy?

Thousands of professional athletes have turned to stem cell therapy to help heal injuries and return to competition. Athletes have benefited from the use of their own stem cells to help heal injuries ranging from a torn meniscus to rotator cuff injuries. 

Age-related loss of mobility and pain can also potentially benefit from stem cell therapy. Some older adults have experienced gains in mobility in knees, hips, shoulders, and elbows.

Chronic pain may be reduced by stem cell therapy. Stem cell therapy can be an alternative to cortisone shots or pain medication.

How does the process of stem cell therapy work?

Dr. Nabity will remove your own body's tissue from areas that are rich in stem cells. These areas include your bone marrow, adipose (fat) tissue, and blood.

The tissue is placed in a centrifuge and spun rapidly in order to obtain a concentration of stem cells. The stem cells will be injected into your body in the area where they are needed. 

The entire process takes about 45 minutes. You should rest for one or two days before engaging in low-impact physical activity. 

Because the cells are taken from your own body, there is minimal risk of complications or adverse reactions.

Stem cell therapy is a minimally invasive technique that boosts your own body's natural ability to heal and rebuild tissue.
Stem cells taken from bone marrow and adipose tissue have been shown to increase collagen content, increase blood flow in small blood vessels in the joints and skin, and accelerate the healing process.

If you have been suffering from loss of mobility and joint pain or have suffered a sports-related injury, stem cell therapy may help you. If you are concerned about the effects of aging, you may also benefit from stem cell regenerative therapy. Dr. Nabity will be glad to assist you and provide you with options and recommendations for stem cell therapy to increase the collagen in your joints or skin. Contact Active Future Solutions for a consultation about stem cell therapy to build collagen today.

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