Human Growth Hormone: What Can it do for You?

Essential to preserving muscle mass and bone density, human growth hormone (HGH ) is now used for a myriad of age-related issues.

HGH levels peak during puberty, and HGH production begins to decline after the age of 45. As HGH levels decrease, muscle mass shrinks, body fat increases, and bones become more brittle. Aside from the internal effects of HGH, your hair, skin, and nails will also suffer.

While aging is inevitable, modern medicine has discovered some clues about how to tackle a few aspects of aging that decrease quality of life. And many of these clues are linked to a decrease in hormone production.

Our goal at Active Future Solutions is to keep you updated on the latest discoveries regarding aging and to help you make better decisions for your health.

Stick with us to find out the role of HGH in your body, and learn about the symptoms of HGH deficiency and whether you may benefit from hormonal therapies.

Why it’s important to keep HGH at optimal levels

While there are conditions that cause a growth hormone deficiency, HGH declines in aging adults regardless of the level of pituitary gland health.

Some of the consequences of growth hormone decline are weaker bones and muscles, fatigue, brain fog, weight gain, hair loss, and skin elasticity loss.

If you fix your HGH deficiency, your muscles increase in size, your heart gets stronger, and you’ll have an easier time keeping off the extra pounds and fighting off common aging signs.

Another benefit of keeping your HGH levels at an optimal level is the prevention of cognitive decline.

How low HGH affects males and females

The biggest concerns in aging men with low HGH levels are fatigue, muscle loss, aging skin, and frailty. In women, low levels of human growth hormone may lead to hair loss, inelastic skin, and osteoporosis.

On top of this, HGH can also influence mood, and in some people, lower levels of HGH can lead to depression and anxiety.

Who’s a good candidate for HGH

Human growth hormone therapy can only be prescribed by a medical professional following a consult and a medical history review.

If you’ve had cancer or tumors in the past, you may not be a good fit for HGH therapy. But if you’re experiencing aging signs and are in a good health state, replenishing your hormonal tanks with HGH can have a significant effect on your life quality.

Get in touch with our experts at Active Life Solutions in Rochester Hills, Michigan, to find out whether you’re a good fit for HGH therapy and start feeling young again!

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